Saturday, March 15, 2014

Native Touch

రియాలిటీ చెక్ పుస్తకంపై 'ద హిందూ' పత్రిక 'ఫ్రైడే రివ్యూ' పేజీలో మార్చ్ 14, 2014న వచ్చిన పరిచయం.

Poodoori Raji Reddy's book is a journey through his journeys as he traverses from the public to the personal, in 59 weeks in the form of a series that were published in a Telugu daily newspaper. The journey is more in the mental arena, recreating familiar places with a novel perspective, and with words that mesmerise and draw us in.
In lucid Telugu, the writer embarks on an experiment to conduct a reality check on what we see around us everyday, so that we review everything aroud us in a new light.

Reality Check
Poodoori Raji Reddy;
Tenali Prachuranalu;
Kotha Peta, Tenali; Rs. 250

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