Monday, November 24, 2008

ఇది నా తత్వం

నా బ్లాగు పాఠకులకు ఇది ప్రత్యేకం. సాక్షి 'నేను' పేజీ కోసం రాశాను దీన్ని. ౨౪-౧౧-౦౮ రోజు అచ్చయింది. మసనోబు ఫుకుఒక గురించి రాయాలని ఎన్నాళ్ళుగానో నా కోరిక. అది ఇలా నెరవేరింది. నా బ్లాగు పేరు కూడా ఆయన పేరు మీదే పెట్టాను. ఇక్కడి టపా ఎడిట్ చేయనిది.

Friday, November 14, 2008

అమ్మాయిల గురించి అబ్బాయిలు

ముగ్గురు అబ్బాయిలు కలిస్తే ఏం మాట్లాడుకుంటారు? అలా మొదలైంది ఈ చర్చ. ౧౪-౧౧-౦౮ నాటి సాక్షి 'ఫ్యామిలీ' లో అచ్చయింది.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

నన్ను విమర్శించిన వారికి వందనం

This was published in Feminist Monthly "Bhumika" of October 2008. Thanks to the author Ms Aranya.

Monday, August 25, 2008

మళ్ళీ ఎన్నికలెప్పుడు?

This is my first byline article written for Eenadu's Ennikala Bharatam spl page. This was published on 15th April 2004 when I was in EJS.

అతడు ఎడారిని జయించాడు

I admire him as Mahatma. It was painful when I read He is no more. Masanobu Fukuoka, A legend of Natural Farming was died on 16th August 2008. He was 95 years old. I am posting one Mr.Nagesh's Article as a tribute to him.
One of My pen names is also Fukuoka.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ఏమి 'సేతు'రా రామా!

I wrote this Cover Story for Eenadu's Aadivaarma Anubandham. Published on 30th September 2007.

గుర్తుకొస్తున్నాయి .. Good bye 2007

I wrote this Cover Story for Eenadu's Sunday supplement as an Year Ender which is published on 30th December 2007. First time I tried to write in satirical manner.

బ్లాగు ఎందుకు రాయాలి??

I wrote this Cover Story for Eenadu's Sunday supplement which is published on 5th August 2007.

మారాలి ప్రవర్తన. రావాలి పరివర్తన...

This civic sense issue realy hurts me. Whenever I see such people I feel pain. This cover story I wrote for Eenadu's sunday supplement which is published on 23rd Septemebr 2007.

దేవుడా... దేవుడా...

I wrote this cover story for Eenadu's Sunday supplement which was published on 2nd December 2007.

ఇది నా హృదయం

It was a difficult task to write a cover story on Autobiographies. But I dared to attempt it. This was published on 28th October 2007.

చిన్న దేశం.. పెద్ద సందేశం

This cover story is close to my heart. I felt and still believe that The Bhutanese life style is a panacea for our modern life style problems. Mainly peace of mind issue. I feel proud that I could write such this piece. This was published on 17th June 2007.

Monday, August 11, 2008

ఆయన జీవితమే సందేశం

I liked these sketches by Mr.Shankar. I wrote few lines on Mahatma, remembering him on coming Independence Day. This was published on 10th August 2008 in Funday.

మీ గుండె ఎలా స్పందిస్తుంది?

I wrote this Article on Spandana mixing with Karuna. I could write few lines about legends like Fukuoka, Laury Baker, Rahul Sankrithyayan. This was published in Funday on 10th August 2008.


I am very much impressed how Mr.Premchand narrated the relationship between Wife and Husband in this Classic, Godan. Peacock classics republished this novel in abridged form. Here I reviewed this for Funday by my pen name, SherShah, my childhood hero, published on 10th August 2008.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

నాన్నమ్మ ఏది?

I got critical acclaim for this article from some of my Journalist friends. May be they touched by the issue. This was published on 29th June 2008 in Saakshi's FUNDAY.

స్పర్శకి భాష ఉందా?

Personally I enjoyed when I writing this article. I think I have treated this differently. This was published on 8th June 2008 in FUNDAY.