Thursday, January 2, 2014

Musings of a Man

The author is a journalist with a few published books to his credit, in addition to articles published by way of his duties. The essays in this book are a collection of written musings as well as spontaneous reminiscences. While some of the essays here have been picked and dusted from papers he had set aside over the years, some others are random writings of personal interest.
Chronologically organised from his early childhood beginning with chapter Balapam, then Pencil and finally Pen, the writer shares memories of his life over the years like the movies he watched and his attempts to paint.
The last, he writes in a humorous, self-deprecatory manner saying there is a 'Ssocapi' (reversed in Telugu, it reads Picasso) hidden in him. Writeen (written) in a lucid, light hearted and anecdotal manner, the book makes for a fun read.

Palaka Pencil: Oka Magaadi Diary by Poodoori Rajireddy, Saranga books, copies available with Navodaya Book House, opp Arya Samaj Mandir, Near Kachiguda Croos(Cross) roads, Hyderabad-27, contact 040 24652387; Rs 75.

('హిందూ' పత్రిక 'ఫ్రైడే రివ్యూ'లో నవంబరు 15, 2013న వచ్చిన 'పలక-పెన్సిల్' పరిచయం యధాతథంగా...)

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